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5 Cheap DIY Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

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5 Cheap DIY Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas
Issue Time:2018-03-26

5 Cheap DIY Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas (That Won’t Break The Bank)

Add a personal touch to your wedding decorations.

Planning a wedding can get pretty pricey, really fast. But, DIY-ing some of the table decorations for your big day can take off some of the financial pressure.

While you probably won’t be sewing your own dress anytime soon, you may want to create beautiful (and cheap!) DIY wedding day centerpieces by hand. A beautiful centerpiece really brings the room together, and wedding guests are always happy to bring them home after the event.

Plus, making your own wedding centerpieces can be fun, and you won’t have to do it alone. Grab your bridesmaids, bring along a few bottles of wine, and make it a bonding event. Together, you can DIY some pretty stunning wedding day centerpieces that will impress your guests and give you a chance to put a personal touch on your wedding — and keep you well within your budget, too!

Here are 55 of the best cheap DIY wedding centerpiece ideas that are just as easy to make, as they are affordable:

1. A succulent centerpiece for nature-lovers.

If you want to bring a more natural vibe to your wedding, this succulent centerpiece will do the trick. You’ll need a ceramic pot, a dish for underneath, and some potting soil. Don’t forget the succulents! Just pot and place in the center of the table.

2. Vintage books and mason jars centerpiece for a rustic look.

For all of the bookworms and vintage shoppers out there, this is the perfect centerpiece. It’s classy, fun, and a little bit inspirational too. Aside from books and mason jars, you’ll just need a few splatters of paint and some fresh flowers. Super easy!

3. A glass ball candle holder to evoke a sense of romance.

Want to bring a little magic to your wedding? These centerpieces create the romantic atmosphere that you’re after. This is a super-simple DIY centerpiece that will make a big impact on the room. Just hot-glue glass gems around each candle holder, and voila!

4. Glitter flower vases for a wedding that screams "fabulous!"

A little glitter can go a long way — especially as part of your centerpiece style. These are simple, easy to make, and only involves a few items. Change up the glitter color and the fresh flower selection to fit your theme.

5. A succulent "table runner" for a fairy tale wedding.

These au naturel DIY table runners are definitely statement pieces. They’ll turn your wedding tables into a scene straight from a woodland fairy tale. The leaves can be real or fake, but make sure to buy succulents that are the real deal. You can paint on the gold and add bits of flowers or glitter as you see fit.