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RESUP Attended China Brand Tour

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RESUP Attended China Brand Tour
Issue Time:2018-04-13

RESUP Attended China Brand Tour

        As to implement the State Council's Suggestion for Play Brand's Leading Role to Promote Upgrading of Supplyand Demand Structure, pass the spirit of sincerity and jointly promote the strategy of building a strong brand, China Brand Tour—Enterprise' brand training project and brand credit system construction seminar was held in Kangbo International Hotel, Dezhou. This seminar was held by Enterprise Research Center of the China Brand Tour, more than 200 representatives from domestic brand strategy planners, well-known enterprises, industry organizations, creditinstitutions, and media organizations attended and discuss the importance ofbrand building, especially the construction of brand credit.

       The State Council of China has set up May 10thof each year as China Brand Day. David Zhang, the founder of RESUP, believes that on the international market, China's manufacturing industry, which once relied on cost advantages, has become less competitive due to the democratization of demographic dividends and the development of manufacturing industries in Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, no matter from which perspective, if we want tocontinue and develop “Made in China”, strengthening brand building will become the most effective way, and “credit” is an indispensable important connotationof any brand.

         He also said that, the brand can not do without the support of credit. The so-called corporate brand is the popularity, reputation and loyalty formed in society through factors such as service, business management, and customer interaction in a corporate culture environment.

      ''Credit needs brands to reflect value,'' he continued, ''Companies that lose faith can easily be shoddy, resulting invicious competition for bad money to drive out good money. Therefore, companies must take the road of branding, accumulate their credit, identify the customers with the brand, and bring different benefits to the company. The brand marks the company's credit and image and is the company's most important intangible asset. Under the market economy, the environment is constantly changing everyday. Whoever has a brand of integrity will be initiative to compete and will beable to take the lead in the market.''

      It is reported that the China Brand Tour will vigorously promote well-known self-owned brands, tell Chinese brands well, increase the influence and awareness of independent brands, and promote the growth of Chinese brands through online media, offline exhibitions, marketing services, and credit certification.